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Virtuale Staffing

Virtuale is a one-stop shop for all your virtual staffing needs. We leverage a vast network of skilled virtual assistants who can do all the legwork necessary for your business to thrive.

Our workers are hand-picked from hundreds of remote workers with specific skill sets and have passed through our stringent filtering procedure to ensure that only the best among the best can
get to our clients. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.


We offer virtual assistants with a variety of skill sets that suit whatever role you seek.

Customer Service Representative
Help Desk
Live Chat Support
Technical Support

Calendar Management
Data Entry
Email Management
Secretarial Duties

Creative Assistant
Graphic Designer
Video Editor
SEO Specialist
Content Writer

Appointment Setters
Lead Generation

Virtual Amazon Assistant
Shopify Assistant
eBay Assistant

Social Media Management
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Advertising

Legal Assistant
Project Manager


Most of our competitors are stuck in the old ways, centralizing manpower on commercial locations and exposing their staff to the deadly virus. This adds enormous overhead costs, which ultimately translates to higher service costs charged to clients. We overcome this hurdle by letting all our staff work from home in order to charge clients considerably lower.


Other virtual assistant agencies hire generic employees, falsify their resumes, and present them to clients as competent virtual assistants when in reality, a lot of them don’t even know the basics of using simple software like Slack and Google Drive. And these agencies don’t even bother training them!

We at Virtuale know that virtual assistants come in all shapes and sizes, and should be chosen carefully. Therefore, we have a very stringent hiring process. Our remote workers are not only hand-picked from hundreds in our database, ensuring the best of the best, but we also match the specific roles our clients seek with workers that have the necessary experience and skills to help them.

Virtuale employee laptop
Role-Specific Virtual Assistant


All our workers must speak great English, can work in any time zone, are trained to handle any tasks that fit the scope of their work, and even go above and beyond their duty.

Our Amazing Clients

Crypto Skillset
sheesha finance
Actor Luca Malacrino
DiBara Masonry
Leff Ventures
"Working with Chondra from Virtuale Staffing was a pleasure. Her provided virtual assistant worked hard to understand the requirements for each task as these often varied across the general marketing function. By asking the right type of questions and often using initiative, she was able to work well with team members around the world."
caryn ayres
Caryn Alves
Founder of Jane and John

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