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The Best Virtual Assistant Services to Avail in 2021

If you’ve clicked through this page, chances are that you are looking for the best virtual assistant services to hire. Whether you are interested in top-of-the-line service, on a tight budget, or simply looking for the best bang for your buck when it comes to virtual assistants, we’ve got you covered.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a solopreneur or the owner of a large established company, this guide will reveal the right virtual assistant (VA) agency for your specific needs. We chose different types of VA service providers as we understand that each client has individual needs and preferences. This guide will be regularly updated so bookmark it if you want.

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What is a Virtual Assistant Service Provider?

Virtual assistant services are companies or agencies that provide administrative and other services to entrepreneurs or businesses from remote locations. They are outsourced contractors that handle non-core tasks to help entrepreneurs/businesses save time to focus on core tasks and provide a more streamlined workflow. VA service providers employ a network of virtual assistants either in-house or remotely to serve various clients such as yourself.

Some of the tasks VA services provide include:

Administrative AssistanceArticle WritingTelemarketing
Social MediaWeb Design/DevelopmentEmail Management
Answering callsBookkeepingCalendar Management
Graphics/Video editingDigital MarketingRecruitment
Types of virtual assistant work

But virtual staff can do many tasks beyond the scope of any list. Some even specialize in certain niches such as real estate.

The top VA service providers usually assign you with an account manager or dedicated support team to manage the virtual professional, provide better communication, and help optimize the workflow of your business. This is what separates working with an agency as opposed to hiring direct, where you don’t get the same level of support.

How Much do Virtual Assistant Agencies Cost on Average?

As of our research conducted on the 27th of July 2021, VA agencies charge around $14/hour on average to clients who avail of a full-time staff. Rates may vary depending on the job type (admin, web development, etc.), employment type (part-time, full-time), the work duration you pay in advance (monthly, quarterly, annually), and many other factors.

Note that the range could disparately vary from different agencies. For instance, one VA provider could charge merely $5/hour for nearly the same level of service as a $25/hour from a different company. It really comes down to which one you stumble upon if you don’t have the time to proactively search for the best rates.

The Best Virtual Assistant Services List

  1. Virtuale Staffing — $5.5 per hour
  2. WoodBows — $11.25 per hour
  3. Prialto — $24.5 per hour
  4. Time etc — $28 per hour
  5. MyTasker — $11.25 per hour

1. Virtuale Staffing

Virtuale Logo

Check out Virtuale Staffing

Virtuale Staffing is a new innovative virtual staffing agency that aims to offer the best in pricing and quality of service. We don’t want to sound biased so we will just highlight what makes us different from the whole bunch without any exaggeration. Having Virtuale as a partner means you get a more personalized touch in every business transaction you make since the company specializes in catering to individual needs. Frankly, few VA agencies could offer tailor-made virtual professionals for a role. We are proud to be part of that few.

For instance, if you’re seeking a cold-caller with experience in selling beauty products or an appointment setter who has dealt in real estate, your odds of being matched with suitable candidates are slim. Virtuale, on the other hand, is willing to go out of its way to find exactly what you’re looking for. Not only does it have a vast network of virtual assistants from various backgrounds, but also constantly searches for new talent daily to become the top provider.

All Virtuale professionals work in the comfort of their own homes, saving the company from humongous overhead costs. This allows it to charge the best rates, some of which are as low as $5/hour for experienced virtual assistants. Furthermore, the company also helps in managing your virtual assistant.

The company and all its staff reside in the Philippines and cater mostly to clients from the US, U.K., Canada, and Australia.

You should choose Virtuale Staffing if:

  • You want the most cost-effective VA service.
  • The candidate you seek is very specific or hard to find.
  • You want to have a long-term relationship with your VA.

You should NOT choose Virtuale Staffing if:

  • You need backup assistants for 24/7 uninterrupted service.


$5-$7 per hour depending on skills required.

2. WoodBows

Check out WoodBows

WoodBows is a premium virtual assistant service that boasts over 1000 clients, a 98.9% client retention rate, and flexible plans. They claim to have college graduate VAs with more than 10+ years of experience. The company has offices in the USA, India, and the Philippines.

The service provides you with an account manager who will help manage your VA. This means that working with WoodBows would require little to no management on your side. Furthermore, you will also be provided with a backup assistant in case your assigned VA is sick or couldn’t make it.

Getting your virtual assistant from WoodBows would be like having your own in-house employee that requires less supervision and management, which is why the company charges a premium price for their services. As long as you have the dough, it should be worth it.

You should choose WoodBows if:

  • You want a premium virtual assistant service that is very affordable
  • You want uninterrupted service.

You should NOT choose WoodBows if:

  • You want to train the VA yourself.


20 Hours 40 Hours 80 Hours Full-Time Plan
$225/month $399/month $699/month 1,299/month
WoodBows’s pricing

All plans include:

10+ Years of Experience
Dedicated Virtual Professional
Dedicated Account Manager
Back-up Support
No Contract. Cancel Anytime.
Staff Tracking System
Work in Any Time Zone
Video Chat/Call With Your Virtual Team

3. Prialto

Prialto logo

Check out Prialto

Prialto is a virtual assistant agency that caters to individuals, teams, and enterprises. The company’s main office is located in Portland, Oregon, but it has offices in the Philippines and Central America where its VAs reside.

We consider Prialto the best of the best since it is an end-to-end solution. It is a bit pricier than most VA service providers, but the level of satisfaction it guarantees and its reliability makes up for it. Prialto will actually help you analyze your business and create an appropriate workflow for its provided virtual assistant.

Instead of being asked, “what can I do for you?”, the company will assign people to do all the thinking and working for you, which saves you the time and hassle of figuring out what to delegate to your virtual assistant. You don’t even have to train them since Prialto does that all for you.

Speaking of training, here’s where it gets interesting. Unlike having traditional employees or virtual assistants, you don’t have to worry about Prialto’s staff leaving you. All the work done by the assigned VA is cross-trained to a team and all procedures are consistently documented. If the current VA disappears for whatever reason, another one can easily replace him/her.

You should choose Prialto if:

  • You are too busy with your core business that you have no time to deal with a virtual assistant yourself.
  • The profits of your business are high enough to offset the costs of a premium virtual assistant service.
  • You want absolute uninterrupted service.
  • You want to be spoon-fed.

You should NOT choose Prialto if:

  • Your budget is limited.
  • You want to train the VA yourself.


Individual = $1,350/month (starting) Team = $3,600/month (starting) Organization = Negotiable
1 VA
55 hours
Other features: month-to-month agreement, individual process design, quarterly consultations
3 VAs
165 hours
Other features: discounts for contract duration, team process design, monthly consultations, pooled resource benefits
8 VAs
440 hours
Other features: extended pilots, organization-wide process design, utilization and feedback reporting, a dedicated cohort of assistants and inter-department resource sharing, Team Lead support, Operational projects, one-off projects and temporary workforce augmentation
Prialto pricing

4. Time etc

time etc

Check out Time etc

Time etc is led by Penni Pike, a former assistant to billionaire Virgin Group founder Richard Branson. Today, her company has served more than 22,000 entrepreneurs globally through its US-based virtual assistant team. Time etc has a tough 10-stage selection process designed by Pike herself, ensuring that only the creams of the crop are chosen. The average VA has 12 years of experience.

Another interesting feature is that you can share your account with colleagues or friends, allowing them to consume any unused hours for the service you paid for. Moreover, the company doesn’t charge extra for urgent requests and even offers a money-back guarantee if you opt to cancel services, which can be done at any time. They also offer a sweet free trial!

The only concern we’ve found is its offered tasks. They offer basic VA services such as scheduling, social media, research, etc. but fail to indicate advanced tasks like lead generation, recruitment, graphics, video editing, and others.

You should choose Time if:

  • Residing in the U.S. is a must for your VA
  • The profits of your business are high enough to offset the costs of a premium virtual assistant services.
  • The years of experience matters a lot to you.

You should NOT choose Time if:

  • Your needs are very specific and not covered under basic VA services.
  • You want a VA long-term but your budget is limited.


Ten hours = $290/month Twenty hours = $560/month Forty hours = $1,080/month Sixty hours = $1,560/month
Dedicated U.S. assistant expertly
matched to you
Add extra assistants (free)
Share with your team (free)
Money-back guarantee
Switch plans or cancel any time
Everything in Ten hours
Unused hours rollover
Everything in Ten hours
Unused hours rollover
Everything in Ten hours
Unused hours rollover
Time etc Pricing

5. MyTasker

Check out MyTasker

MyTasker is a BPO-style company based in Kolkata, India that offers 24/7 admin, IT, accounting, web design, and digital marketing services to individuals, businesses, and startups worldwide. We see it as the top VA service provider among clients who prefer to centralize their employees under one roof.

Instead of leveraging a work-from-home setup, MyTasker retains hundreds of employees in a dedicated building/workspace where they are monitored 24/7 by managers, team leaders, and security guards to provide clients with better security for their company files. accountability to employees.

It’s a given that MyTasker isn’t the only one of its kind. There are several BPO-style VA service providers headquartered in India, Central America, and the Philippines like Task Everyday floating around. However, most of these companies provide generic virtual assistants who have undergone no proper training. We believe MyTasker is a bit ahead among budget-friendly VA services so we chose it.

Our only concern is that MyTasker charges the same rate for all types of VA, from web developers to admin services, which are very disparate roles.

You should choose MyTasker if:

Your company data is too sensitive (banking information, etc.)
You have the time or resources to train the new VA.

You should NOT choose MyTasker if:

You want an expert that requires no training.


10 Hours 40 Hours 100 Hours Full-time (176 Hours) Pay as you go
$140/month $450/month $900/month $1200/month $18/hr
MyTasker Pricing

Other Virtual Assistant Services

Fancy Hands
Work Better Now

Our Recommendations

The best VA agency comes down to individual preferences and needs. If you’re looking for the highest quality of service and have a large budget, then we genuinely recommend Prialto since the agency provides a whole team to help with your business.

However, we honestly believe that Virtuale Staffing (us) can offer the best value for your money if your budget is not too high since we are aggressively competitive and can give you the most appropriate candidate for very specific roles. If being a U.S. resident is a must for your assistant, then look no further than Time etc.

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