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Customer Service

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✅ Boost your brand reputation

✅ Dominate your niche

Customer Service Representatives come in many different forms, but all of them do either of two things:
1. Answer customer queries.
2. Resolve customer issues.

Customer Support Agents are essential members of a workforce, serving nearly every industry in the world. They can interact with your customers in a variety of media, from emails to live chats, to phone calls, etc.


Customer Service Representative

Soft Skills


English Fluency​






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Because customer needs matter.

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"Working with Chondra from Virtuale Staffing was a pleasure. Her provided virtual assistant worked hard to understand the requirements for each task as these often varied across the general marketing function. By asking the right type of questions and often using initiative, she was able to work well with team members around the world."
caryn ayres
Caryn Alves
Founder of Jane and John
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