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Social Media Assistant

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Social Media Assistants come in different shapes and sizes. Some are only good for posting and engagement, while others can do almost the entire spectrum of SM tasks including community outreach, content creation, data analysis, or even run entire social campaigns without supervision. 

Some even specialize in running paid ad campaigns, which is probably the trickiest (and most expensive) aspect of social marketing, and requires an expert. The bottom-line is, they all handle social media accounts for businesses or individuals.

You may have particular needs and preferences when it comes to hiring a social media specialist. We can offer you the most tailor-fit workers for your company. 


Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Advertising



English Fluency​


Soft Skills


Social Media Savviness


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"Working with Chondra from Virtuale Staffing was a pleasure. Her provided virtual assistant worked hard to understand the requirements for each task as these often varied across the general marketing function. By asking the right type of questions and often using initiative, she was able to work well with team members around the world."
caryn ayres
Caryn Alves
Founder of Jane and John
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