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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes we will sign a contract, which can be terminated by either parties at any time provided that a notice is given 7 days in advance. We want our work relationship to be long and fruitful but we don’t want you to feel trapped.

Our virtual professionals can work in any time zone.

Initially, you will pay for the first week before the virtual professional starts. This 1-week window should give you enough time to assess whether you want to move forward to a monthly or bi-monthly payment plan, which is the norm. If you decide to move forward long-term, payments will be due every month (4 weeks) or two weeks. 

We will be your partner, not your employee. As a service provider, we charge for our services in advance the same way Netflix charges in advance to access their services.

You can pay us via Wise or PayPal. 

Yes, we can give you a one-day free trial upon request.

We take our sourcing and hiring process very diligently, and it consumes a lot of our time and resources. We simply want you to have a little skin in the game to increase the chances of you showing up once our candidates are ready. 

Like any virtual employee, you can communicate with them via Skype, Slack, email, and just about any online platform your team uses.

We implement a strict cybersecurity policy for all our virtual workers, including the use of data encryption software, secure VPNs, password managers, and above all, the latest anti-virus and firewall programs.

We can refund you for any paid but unworked hours or days.

All our workers are from the Philippines.

Our contract includes a mutual NDA agreement. As for our virtual workers, we ensure that they sign an NDA as well.

That’s totally fine. We will bill you for any overtime on the next invoice.

As much as possible, we prefer that you set a fixed work schedule so our staff don’t need to readjust frequently. More often than not, our professionals work a graveyard shift to accommodate the difference in time zones, so we don’t want them to carry another burden of changing their sleep cycles. We can tolerate schedule changes as long as it doesn’t occur often.

Our employees don’t work on December 24-25 and December 31—January 1. They can work in any other holiday.

We typically don’t allow clients to work directly with our staff until 2 years after their start date, which is typically the time our contracts expire. You either have to wait for 2 years, or buy out our staff out of contract, which costs 5 months of their salary.

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